9 to 5 the Musical Presented by the NTPA Repertory Theatre

Last weekend I was invited to attend 9 to 5 the Musical at the NTPA Repertory Theatre in Plano. This is the second NTPA Rep show I have attended (read my previous blog post about Scrooge the Musical HERE) and I was really excited to see this show.

This show is being performed at the Willow Bend Center of the Arts in their Rodenbaugh Theatre. It is an intimate theatre, which is perfect for this show. It allows you to really connect with the cast.

The show starts out with the entire cast singing 9 to 5, with a focus on the three lead characters, Sky Williams as Violet Newstead, Rachel Poole as Judy Bernly and Mary Margaret Gates as Doralee Rhodes. You are instantly transported back in time with the spot-on set design, costumes and outdated gender roles right back into the late 1970s.

L to R: Sky Williams, Rachel Poole and Mary Margaret Gates
(Photo by Jason Anderson, Pendleton Photography)

Sky Williams really owns her role of the strong and brilliant Violet Newstead, a single mom and the lead secretary of an office run by a “boys club” who is over-qualified and under-appreciated. Sky is instantly likeable and you start rooting for her to break through the workplace gender glass ceiling from the second she takes the stage. Her character’s leadership sets the tone for the entire show and Sky’s performance is empowering, emotional and fun.

Rachel Poole plays Judy Bernly, a woman who has never had a traditional job and has been thrust into the workforce because her husband left her for another woman. She starts out as a naive and shy young girl, but under the guidance of her boss Violet, and friendship with Doralee, she learns to be assertive and independent. Rachel’s beautiful performance of “Get Out and Stay Out” was really powerful. I wanted to give her a high five at the end after she kicked her cheating husband back to the curb after he tried coming back.

Mary Margaret Gates was perfectly cast in the role of Doralee Rhodes. She had some big shoes (or hair) to fill taking on the role made famous by Dolly Parton herself and she definitely did a great job. Her accent, mannerisms and spunk were spot-on. Her performance of “Backwoods Barbie” was definitely my favorite. She transformed from the flighty office beauty queen to a powerful southern belle with a huge heart in the blink of an eye.

Photo by Jason Anderson, Pendleton Photography

This trio of talented actresses were a joy to watch. You could feel the genuine camaraderie between them as they worked together to take down “the man”, Franklin Hart (played by Jared Culpepper). Their chemistry made the show and was empowering to watch, especially as a woman.

Photo by Jason Anderson, Pendleton Photography

The remaining cast was awesome as well. They sang, they danced and they helped transform the set more times than I can count. They did a fabulous job.

I did want to mention Bonnie Algar Grugle, who shined (and made us all laugh) as she stumbled through her days, struggling to make it through, even while self-medicating with alcohol. (Don’t worry, the company ended up helping her get back on her stable footing in the end.)

9 to 5 the Musical still has four shows remaining:
Friday, February 28, 8:00 PM
Saturday, February 29, 2:30 PM
Saturday, February 29, 8:00 PM
Sunday, March 1, 2:30 PM

This is the perfect show to gather up your friends for a fun show that you will be sure to love! CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the show. Pricing starts at just $20 per ticket!

NTPA Repertory Theatre still has several remaining shows in their season:

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest (April 17-26)
Legally Blonde the Musical (June 19-28)
Disney’s The Little Mermaid (July 17-26)

CLICK HERE to learn more about the NTPA Repertory Theatre and all of their upcoming shows!

*I received free tickets for this show in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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