New York City with kids (Part 6)

Our last day in the city started out very early for me and Adalyn.  When we were at The Today Show the day before, we found out that their Summer Concert Series was starting the next day and that Meghan Trainor would be performing.  I knew Adalyn would love getting to see her perform, so we got up and were in line around 6am to get a good spot to watch it (they recommend you get there around 5am, especially as it gets later into the summer). If you plan on attending any of their concerts , you need to register for fan passes on their website.  We were fortunate to still get in & get a good spot even though we didn’t do this.  It was the first concert of the summer and kids were still in school, so it wasn’t very crowded, which is rare. Usually the crowds cover the entire block.


We got a great spot…right up against the barrier separating the front section and the middle section with a walkway in between.  She did her sound check and rehearsal and it was awesome.  Meghan is fun, kind and an incredible singer.  I couldn’t believe someone could sound so good that early in the morning!  The actual taping of the show started at 7am.  We had so much fun!  The concert was awesome, we got to see Adalyn’s new NYC best friend and Today Show plaza producer, Kevin again and we even made it on TV!


We also got to see the glam team walking through the crowd to select someone for their ambush makeover.  It was quite the process for them so choose someone and took some time.  This was pretty cool to see happen up close.  Next, some other Today Show staff went through the crowd looking for people to come back later in the afternoon to do a pre-tape of the “Who Knew?” contest to air on the following week’s Kathy Lee & Hoda segment.  I volunteered since we didn’t have to leave for the airport until 3pm. It sounded like so much fun!  I knew Adalyn would love getting to be part of that.

After the concert, we went back to the hotel, packed everything up and checked out of our room.  We had the hotel hold our bags until we came back.  We had the hotel arrance for a car service to pick us up and take us to the airport so we were guaranteed to have someone there when scheduled instead of waiting for a taxi.  This was more expensive than a taxi, but having a private driver in a large SUV is a nice treat in the city.  It cost around $75 vs. $50 for a taxi.

We wanted to stay around the hotel since we were leaving that afternoon and our feet were D-O-N-E.  We decided to head over to the Top of the Rock (top of Rockefeller Center) to see if we could get tickets to the observation deck.  Regular tickets for adults are $36 each and for children are $30, however kids under 6 are FREE! This was the main reason we decided to go during this trip.  (Check out their website for other upgraded ticket options they offer.) We got tickets and headed to the top!  We have been there several times before, but this was a first for Adalyn.  We were excited for her to get to see the city from such a unique perspective.  Every time we have gone it has not taken long to get to the top.  They are efficient in moving people along, but once you get to the top you can stay as long as you like.

When visiting NYC you have three options to choose from for observation decks:  The Empire State Building, The Top of the Rock and One World Observatory.  I have been to the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock and out of the two of them I would definitely recommend Top of the Rock.  The observation decks are large and easy to navigate (there is an elevator that allows you to go in between the decks if you need it, or there are stairs) and there is even a large indoor area (with air-conditioning) and a gift shop .  My favorite reason to visit TOTR is that you get to have the iconic Empire State Building in your photos!  You are also closer to Central Park and seeing it from that angle is amazing.  I haven’t checked out One World Observatory yet, but I have heard great things about it.


It was also fun to grab a couple of pics of our New York City block from Globe Totters with the Empire State Building in the background!  (Use the code NYC20% for 20% off your order!)


After we enjoyed the expansive views of the city, we headed over to the NBC experience store in Rockefeller Center so we could participate in Kathy Lee & Hoda’s “Who Knew?” quiz.  This was being done as a pre-tape for a later date due to them traveling for the royal wedding.

We arrived and there weren’t too many people there yet, so Adalyn practiced being a news anchor for royal wedding coverage in this set they had in the store complete with fascinators!

Adalyn--future news anchor?

It wasn’t long before The Today Show crew showed up and started setting up.  I couldn’t believe how much was involved to get ready for such a short segment on the show.  The main reason I decided to participate, was that I knew Adalyn would have a great time getting to see Hoda up close and being on TV.  However, before everything got started, she tripped and fell and cut her hand on a shelf in the store.  She started sobbing and I had to doctor her cut and send her over to Jeff, who was trying to keep an exhausted Charlotte from screaming too (she was D-O-N-E with our trip by then).  (This is why there are no close-up pics of us during the quiz.)

Photo May 15, 5 34 51 PM

Luckily, right when they were about to start, Adalyn decided she wanted to join me.  I was so grateful, because I didn’t want to be on TV alone!  I was the first contestant and had to answer a question about the weather (why couldn’t it have been about the royal wedding? LOL).  If I got the answer right, I would get a $100 gift card, if I got it wrong, I would get a signed copy of Al Roker’s new book “Ruthless Tide”.  I unfortunately got the question wrong, but I got a cool souvenir and even got to keep the question card!


The quiz aired at a later date and it was so fun to get to see ourselves on TV (Adalyn thought it was so cool).  Hoda is just as beautiful and kind in person as she seems on TV and it was so cool to get to be part of this, even if the kids were losing their minds.


We headed back to the hotel, grabbed our bags and waited for our private car service we arranged through the hotel.  It was so nice to get to ride to the airport in a huge SUV instead of a cab and it felt fancy.

Saying goodbye to the hotel and waiting for our car

Unfortunately on the way to the airport a huge storm started rolling in.  We got to the airport just in time to not get stuck in it, but it hit right when we got inside.  This meant that flights were grounded due to the lightning and therefore, our flight was delayed.  LaGuardia is not a very large or updated airport and it was crowded and warm around the gate.  We struggled to keep our exhausted girls from losing their minds.  Luckily we were finally able to board almost 2 hours later and the girls passed out quickly after we took off and slept the entire way.


We got home and slept amazing that night.  We are still reliving all of the fun we had during our adventures to New York City.  We can’t wait to go back!

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