New York City with kids (Part 5)

Our last full day in the city started out with another trip over to The Today Show with Adalyn.  This gave us some quality one-on-one time and also got us out of the hotel room so we didn’t wake up Charlotte (& daddy).  On Friday morning when we were walking back to our hotel, we ran into Kevin Schatell, the plaza producer for The Today Show who complimented Adalyn on the sign she made.  Adalyn once again had made her way up to the front of the crowd where she could see everything.  She was so excited to see Kevin again this morning and even gave him a lucky penny she had in the treasure pocket of her pretzel skirt from Sincerely Scout.

Adalyn & Kevin

Adalyn also caught the attention of Al Roker, who loved her cat ears and Hoda Kotb who gave her a huge smile and wave, and came over to us specifically later to take a picture with us! We always have the best time and meet such fun people from all over when we visit.

We went back to the hotel to pick up the rest of the family and headed on the subway downtown so we could adventure across The Brooklyn Bridge!  After getting off the subway earlier than planned due to an unexpected delay at one of the stations, we walked along Canal Street (not on purpose).  Canal Street is known for their inexpensive shops and a lot of tourists.  We didn’t stay on it long and made our way towards the bridge.  Before you plan a trip to walk across the bridge, here are a few tips:

  • the bridge is 1.3 miles long
  • allow at least 45 minutes to walk across so you can take photos and enjoy the views
  • be prepared for A LOT of people (the photos of an empty Brooklyn Bridge are not reality)
  • the pedestrian walk is open 24 hours, so you can explore it at any time of day!
  • there is a pedestrian lane and a bike lane…they are painted on the path, so make sure to pay attention so you are not run over!
  • there are tons of street vendors near the entrance and at the middle…don’t waste your money…it’s the same stuff available all over the city…go enjoy your walk!

Once we got on the bridge, I grabbed my camera because I had planned on taking photos of some of the items I was going to feature and I realized that when I went to switch out my batteries, I took the old one out, but didn’t replace it with the charged one.  Ugh!  I was so frustrated!  Thank God for iPhones with decent cameras!  I am telling you this so even if you’re a planner like me, it’s a good idea to always double-check what you pack before you leave your hotel.

Once we made it to Brooklyn, we headed over to DUMBO (which stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) because I wanted to take some pics of Adalyn on Washington Street.  It is an IG worthy photo spot with brick buildings on either side and the Manhattan Bridge in the background with the Empire State Building able to be seen under the arch of the bridge (it was too hazy on this day to really see it unfortunately).  This is a really cool photo spot, but be warned.  It has become really well known and it is next to impossible to get a photo without a lot of people in the background.  DUMBO is definitely a cool area.  We didn’t take the time to explore it more, but it would have been fun, especially if it was just the two of us without kiddos.

We had intended on exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is right on the water with an incredible view of Manhattan, but we did not make it back to it.  We had already planned on going to  Citypoint in Brooklyn, so we headed there instead.  (Unfortunately the walk to there was a lot further then I had anticipated, so it kind of put a damper on any more exploring around Brooklyn.  We will just have to come back another time!)

Citypoint is a really cool shopping center with a Target, Century 21, Trader Joe’s as well as some other smaller shops.  The entire lower level is an upscale food court called DeKalb Market Hall with nearly 40 unique and mouth-watering options.  If you find yourself in this area of Brooklyn, it’s definitely worth stopping here to eat.

Once we were done shopping and eating, we headed back to the subway and back to Manhattan.  Our feet were D-O-N-E, so we were ready to just relax.

Photo May 14, 3 21 12 PM (1)

We headed back to the hotel to grab my camera battery, then back to Central Park to just sit, relax and take in the beauty of the city.  I did have to take some photos of course, since I finally had my camera back.  I wanted to capture Adalyn in her ADORABLE pretzel treasure pocket skirt from Sincerely Scout in the park.  She got so many compliments on it throughout the day and she LOVED twirling in it.  The pockets are probably her favorite part, though and she always had to carry something in them. The skirt costs $48 and is worth every penny.  I haven’t seen her this happy to wear an item of clothing in a long time!

Sincerely Scout Pretzel Treasure Pocket Skirt

We headed back to The Sheep Meadow, since the girls could just play.  They had a great time with their New York City and Brooklyn blocks from Globe Totters.  Each side shows a landmark from each city and they are the perfect souvenirs from our trip!  (They are now being carried at Torly Kid, so you can pick them up when you check out their store!) If you won’t be visiting the city soon, you can get them directly from the Globe Totter’s website.  The blocks are $25 each or $45 if you buy them both together. (Use the code NYC20% for 20% off your order!)

One other fun shop I discovered when planning our trip, was Kate Durkin Illustration.  Her original designs are featured on pillows, cards, placemats, prints and more!  We got her stuffed pigeon pillow (which is so cute and funny) ($35 for a large and $14 for a mini) and her NYC placemat  ($14), which shows different sights of the city on it along with the alphabet.  We have so enjoyed having such fun reminders of our amazing trip in our home to help us reminisce.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening in the park and I loved getting to see Jeff and the girls laugh and play.  It was a perfect end to a long day.  Central Park is such a wonderful place for families.

On our way out of Central Park, part of the road we were on was blocked off and there were a ton of black SUVs parked on it.  We saw a small crowd gathered and stopped to see what was going on.  The signs on the dash of all of the black SUVs all said FOX. It was a private event for FOX and the final car dropped of DJ Khaled and Sean “Diddy” Combs (formerly Puff Daddy).  We saw them briefly as they were whisked away on a golf cart with their entourage.  You never know who you’re going to see when you’re walking around The Big Apple!  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Private FOX event in Central Park

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(**I received the Sincerely Scout pretzel skirt and the Kate Durkin pigeon pillow and NYC placemat for free in exchange for my posts)

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