Lyric Stage Presents Mirette

My love of the theatre started when I saw my first show with my dad back in high school. I knew that when I had kids, that I wanted to share that love with them as well. I took Adalyn to see her first show, Finding Neverland, when she was just four years old and last year we made a special trip to New York City to see Frozen on Broadway. She already loves the theatre as much as I do at only 6 and-a-half years old!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take her to see the Lyric Stage’s performance of Mirette. Set in a boarding house for circus performers in 1890s Paris, Lyric Stage’s second show of the season was based on the magical tale of the gutsy little girl, Mirette, and the mysterious highwire walker, Bellini, from the Caldecott Award-winning children’s book, Mirette on the Highwire. Demonstrating an innate talent for balancing, Mirette convinces the reluctant Bellini – against her mother’s wishes – to teach her his craft. But when Bellini, determined not to disappoint the girl, stages a comeback performance, only to find himself paralyzed with fear, it is Mirette who must climb the wire and help him regain his courage. 

Photo by Jamie Brogdon

This inspiring show was held at The Majestic Theatre in downtown Dallas. This theatre was the perfect venue for this event. The theatre originally opened its doors back in 1921 and it is a stunning and luxurious backdrop for this show.

Before the show we spent time in the grand lobby before the show and I loved the vibe of the audience waiting for the doors to open. They were friendly and welcoming and it felt like you were part of the Lyric Stage family the second you walked in.

The show opened with much anticipation and excitement. Adalyn could hardly sit still and when the curtain opened she clapped and squealed. The performance certainly didn’t disappoint.

Mirette is a character who is strong, kind, brave and stands up for her dreams, even through the challenges she faces along the way. The entire audience was mesmerized by Mirette, who was played by Emma Grace Freeman. She was definitely the star of the show with her gorgeous voice and shining stage presence. It was so wonderful to have a lead character that Adalyn and other young girls could look up to as well as an actress who she could relate to.

Photo by Jamie Brogdon

The remaining cast, although small in number, was mighty in their talent. The unique characters consisted of a pair of acrobats, a juggler, a clown, a ballerina and a singer. They captivated us with their emotional performances and beautiful songs. We were both sad when the show was over. It definitely went by too fast.

Photo by Jamie Brogdon

Although Mirette has finished its run at The Majestic, there are still two remaining shows in the 2019-2020 Lyric Stage season. Abysinnia runs from February 14th-16th. It is based on the novel Marked by Fire by Joyce Carol Thomas. Abyssinia Jackson is born during a tornado in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century. Blessed with a gift of song and a voice that delights the entire community, Abby is brought up in the bosom of the church and under the watchful eye of Mother Vera, a folk-healer. Like Job, Abby is fated to undergo a series of trials. Consequently, Abby’s faith in both man and God is destroyed and she vows never to sing again. Mother Vera takes the girl under her wing to teach her the ways of a healer. In learning to relieve pain in others, Abyssinia begins to heal herself. At the play’s conclusion, Abyssinia finds her voice again and rejoins the community.

Adalyn is most excited for the last performance of the season, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella! It runs from June 12th-14th and we already have it on our calendar! This would be the perfect time to introduce your little ones to the theatre!

To learn more about Lyric Stage & their upcoming performances, go to: or find them on Facebook or Instagram

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